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About Tara

Tara Jones is a trainer, instructor, clinician, and author. She grew up on a family farm in Telford, PA where her love for horses has blossomed into a full time career. At the age of three she began riding along with her parents who also shared a passion for horses. As the years passed, she decided in her early twenties that she wanted to learn more about the dynamics of how to train horses and became intrigued about educating herself to reach a higher level. She began to search for the best and most sought after horsemen in the industry. Finally, in 2005, she graduated a year-long program with one of the highest averages ever obtained. This certification program was geared towards teaching the student how to become a trainer. Upon graduation, her teacher approached her with an opportunity she couldn't refuse… a chance to become his assistant and aid him in teaching his clinics and programs. Tara became Kenny Harlow’s full time assistant and relocated to Cumberland Va.

Tara continued her education; eager to learn as much as she could to become a better teacher for her students. She continued to study different disciplines. She became interested in not only the training end of it, but also, how to enhance the training with proper riding skills. She began the search for the invisible ride. In that search, Tara developed her own way and style. She calls it “Pieceful Solutions”. Riding can be an enigma. By learning to solve the missing pieces that are not fully understood, the riding puzzle will become more organized so the picture becomes clearer to both the rider and the horse.

In 2011, Tara moved back to PA to restart her business, and has spent many years developing her trade at her family farm. She has devoted much of her time to her personal horses with an emphasis on changing the quality of their training regimen to incorporate competition into the schedule. For Tara, her hard working attitude has pushed her to conquer new goals. With new horses finding their way to Tara's farm, she has put effort into trained horses for sale. Tara says, "My horses are well educated and in shape. I take great pride in the horses that are for sale. They are my partners; I am hoping to give good opportunities to those riders wishing to purchase a trained athlete at an affordable rate."

Tara is not only a trainer, but also a writer. Her highly anticipated book “Solving the Riddles of Riding” has just been released and focuses on rider position and body balance. She also wrote a children’s book about her best friend and partner, "Phantom", called “Lead by Example.” This book is an educational children’s book that teaches the value of leadership. She was also the author to four training manuals written for Kenny Harlow. She still has plans to extend her training library with more titles in the future.

Tara is also an educator and clinician. She has been a featured clinician at the Harrisburg Horse World Expo, the Maryland Horse World Expo, and also the Delaware Horse Expo, and Virginia Horse Festival. She has performed demos at the legendary USET, home of our elite equestrians in Gladstone NJ. She continues to teach clinics up and down the east coast. "Demonstrations have become my favorite mode of education. I like to get my voice out there to bring to life the importance of muscle development and strength training for each individual horse.

Tara's goal as an instructor and trainer always remains the same. She is constantly developing her skills and her programs in order to transfer the information simply. No matter what level the student is, the language between horses and rider will develop through a structured system. One lesson will build upon another until the level is reached where control is the ultimate prize. Solid principles are based on classical techniques, intertwined with a modern twist. Students enjoy the partnership that is formed and gain confidence in knowing that they had a hand in helping it develop. "I am really happy to be part of that process. The outcome is honest and the horses leave the arena with a smile on their face."

Through the develop of week long courses and 3 day programs Tara also offers the students a chance to work with her on a more intense level. The Intensive Course has been a very successful addition to the list of programs that Tara offers. "I truly wish there was a program out there like this course when I was in the learning process. I tell my students that I want them to surpass my training and be better than I could ever be. That is the mark of a good teacher and my ultimate goal as an educator. There are no easy fixes. It is just constant hard work, creativity, knowledge, motivation and becoming the best you can be for both your horse and yourself." The Intensive Course is 4 levels and takes you from the start to the ultimate finish.

Tara has also competed in various events through the years. She was a competitor in the first ever all women trainer challenge in 2011 in Doswell, Va. She also competed in the SEFHA colt starting challenge in 2014. A big challenge of 2013 was Tara's acceptance as a trainer into the "Extreme Retired Racehorse Makeover Barrel Race." Together with her ex-racehorse, "Loops", they prepared and retrained for 90 days in order to compete against nine other trainers from across the United States in Negley, Ohio. Their electrifying light-up freestyle earned them the highest score and their 5th place barrel run left them finishing third overall.

More about Tara

Tara is a multi disciplinary trainer and rider. She has chosen to study all different aspects and disciplines. While she chooses to limit her competition schedule, that doesn’t mean she can’t get your horse fine tuned and ready for show season. "I never had the great honor of sitting on made horses or highly educated horses who were naturally built to compete. Instead I took the average horse and molded them into a flashy 10 mover with heart and soul to compete. It is not because I choose that path, but simply because that is where my career took me. I have found that now to be my niche' I am happy to take the time to make a horse the best it can ever be, through muscle building, body toning, and education. I teach the horse’s to develop that work ethic so when the pressure is on, you have a fierce competitor who will take care of you."

Tara spends her free time studying under various trainers and clinicians in all disciplines. She was fortunate enough to be able to travel to Australia and work closely with Jose Mendez a top level rider who along with his brother Manolo studied at the Royal school in Spain. " I learned about the beauty, grace and intelligence a horse posses. What an honor to be in the presence of two masters. They are in a league of their own.  Tara hopes to keep traveling internationally once a year for further education in different countries.

Success is only a gift for those who chose to work for it. I have made it my mission to become better and learn from the legendary trainers every chance I get. The day I stop learning, is the day I will never ride again. I want my students to reap the benefits of my hard work. Their success is my triumph.”


Tara has studied under many different trainers and riders in all disciplines. The journey began in 2001 when she worked alongside Kathy Huggins, and Ken McNabb, both certified John Lyons trainers. Shortly after, she signed into Kenny Harlow’s year long certification program where, upon graduation, she was hired as his training assistant and full time associate.  She also had the opportunity to study with John Lyons and his son Josh Lyons. With her love for riding and learning how to teach she has become a student whenever possible to Australian dressage judge and clinician Colleen Kelly. She had the great honor to work with Jose Mendez a former instructor to the Royal School in Spain and continues to work with Jose when he returns to the states.

She also worked with her favorite biomechanics instructor and coach, Mary Wanless, the founder of "Ride with your Mind." Other trainers include: Kim Walnes,Tommy Turvey, Bill Richey, Jillian Kreinbring and Daniel Stewart.

As a trainer Tara works on a wide range of training horses. She begins the training from the bare basics and finishes with a finely tuned athlete who is ready to perform in a specific discipline geared towards the natural ability of the horse. She helps the horses bring out their best, gain respect, and develop a solid work ethic. Her skills range from classical principles based on the longevity and balance through postural muscles and anatomy and physiology. Her most recent studies include the science of how the horse moves in motion. She analyzes each horse's body and develops a program based on their strengths and weaknesses. They go through quite a transformation while in her care.
Horse training is an enlightening experience. Tara enjoys this journey and allows each horse to teach her something new. Tara says, "I have never tried to reinvent horsemanship, but instead, try to make it simple and understandable so that all of my students can make sense of all the training methods, evaluate each one, and make the best educational decisions for their partners. That is what keeps us learning, growing, and safe."

“ It’s a constant need to keep yourself sharp, and focused. The good trainers settle for what they already know, the great trainers never settle because they know they will never know it all.”