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I met Tara in the USA, as she attended a clinic I was conducting - I found Tara's passion for horses and skills with learning was very inspiring - Tara came to Australia, and stayed at our establishment to futher her education and horsemanship. As any horse person would say "you never stop learning" Tara then took on dressage, and knowledge of starting out on working the horse, and understanding the creation of making a partnership, that is supple, attentive and giving.  Keeping in mind soundness, and education at the horses level of training, and fitness. Tara and her abilities with horses, and desire to learn and improve always with the horse as her main concern - it was such a pleasure to have Tara with us in Australia, and wish her all the best in the future. We know it will always be with what she loves which is the horses.
~ Fay Mendez  (Olympic coach in the London 2012 paraolympic games) and Jose Mendez, former trainer at the royal school in Spain.

I feel grateful for the opportunity to train with you and have you train my horse. I know this winter was hard for many, but it was a blessing for me. You've taught me a lot, and I have so much to learn and assimilate. I look forward to understanding and utilizing more. Lark's body has changed, much to the astonishment of her saddle fitter. She is leaner, has a better topline, is learning to use her hind end better, has a steeper wither angle, and is learning to engage better. She's gone from a sluggish lesson horse to becoming the best horse she can be. I thank you with all my heart- Wendy Ford

Tara is an awesome riding instructor. I've taken lessons from many different instructors - even Olympic level people and didn't "get" some of the concepts until I started lessons with Tara. She has a gift for explaining things in terms that I could easily understand- not some nebulous concepts that left me confused. You won't be disappointed and your horse will thank you. -Sherrie Hilliard

You have a gift for expressing yourself in language, actions, teachings, and your gift in dealing with horses all combined together in one total package that makes you a person so many of us admire. You truly have discovered your inner gift. ~Kathy Coffman

I took a clinic with you, and I just wanted to say thank you so much. I can't believe the change in our relationship. He is doing so well, and even got champion our last two hunter shows. I couldn't be more proud of him. Thank you, can't wait until the next clinic.
~ Sarah Courtney

As always, thank you Tara, I continue to learn and improve myself through you.
~ Victoria Chubb

Thank you Tara, I enjoyed my time in your clinic. You have so much to offer, and I am happy that I am one of them to recieve your knowledge,and attention.
~ Beth Distefano

Just played Valley girl, she was awesome! Like a different horse. I was able to play two chukkers. She got a little strong in the second chukker, but no leaping, no cantering sideways, no backing. She kept her head level, and out in front almost the entire time. Half way through the play stopped for 10 min, and we were able to walk on a loose rein. She relaxed, It's amazing. Thank you so much.
~ Melissa Harrington

I bought my buckskin paint,Sonny, just one month into riding lessons. He was young and I was green. Naturally we did not progress like I had, in my very green mind, imagined we would. I kept trying, but we "hit a wall" and I knew that if I wanted to keep Sonny I had to something. And soon. So off we went to Tara. When we got to her we couldn't even jog around the arena one full time. But, in just a short while Sonny and I were jogging around the arena. ...and then we were jogging figure eights. ...soon we were jogging loops and jogging over poles. ... then we were on the trail. ... and finally we were doing the impossible-we were loping! Tara's training took Sonny and I from two individuals and turned us into a pair. Her hard work helped us do things I never thought possible.
Bringing my Sonny to Tara was the best things I could have done for both him and myself.
~Becky Sobers

Wanted to say thank you for spending so much time with "Devon". I could see a transition in her from when you started till you ended. Her head was so much lower and you kept her on contact and she wasn't pulling on your hands. It delights the owner to see what their horse can do when a professional like you is riding her. I really have so much to aspire too. Thank you again. I always leave your clinics with such hope for me and my horse.
~ Emily Bee

As a result of very clear and practical teaching at a recent Tara Jones, 'Pieceful Solutions' clinic I attended, I feel much more confident to communicate effectively with my horse. Tara promised to fill in some of the missing pieces in the relationship between me and my horse and she delivered on her promise. I also appreciate the fact that Tara gears her lessons to the student's level, never talking over your head or making you feel inept. Her keen observational skills give her a remarkable sense of her students' abilities and Tara works hard to enable her students to build on them.
Debbie Peterson

The clinic was phenomenal!!! From the bottom of my heart, Thank you!
~Vicky Trainor

Good riding clinic, fantastic teacher, good fellowship and fun horses. What a great weekend.
~ Irma Marshall

I had the most impactful weekend ever. I learned so much at the clinic. I was able to get Annie off the trailer slowly, and calmly and I am so happy! Thank you to everyone there for sharing with me. I have a lot of work to do. I will see you all again. I can't wait I am so excited.
~Carol Simmons Trice

Had a great time at the Tara Jones Pieceful solutions Riding and training clinic. I learned a lot of great things and was really happy with "mags" today.
~Kim Hall

Tara-Thank you for all your help in our lessons and with the ride off. We really appreciate all your help and we will miss seeing you around the barn.
~Longwood University Equestrian Team

Tara-I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful the day was that you spent with "Buck" and I. I'm so glad you were able to come and show me everything you showed me! I can't wait to get started working on everything you showed us. I was so nervous going in, having not worked with you before, but I'm already looking forward to the next time I can get a lesson from you!
~Jenna Sherwin

Tara-I rode Zip yesterday after not having ridden him since you were here. I used the reins as you showed me to get his neck in place. For one hour, we just walked, and I wasn't sure I was doing it right. Then he started giving. We went to the jog, and then the canter, he put his ears back but he came right back to me, and I did as you said, having that constant conversation with him through the reins. I feel really good about this method. Thank you.
~Kate Besley

Tara-Just wanted to give you all a big special thank you! "Siep" continues to be awesome. His training is moving along swiftly and so are his feet. His new trainer will be competing him in NC in June: 3rd level test 3 and 4th level test 1. If all goes well we hope to have him ready for Prix St. George in July. Kenny thanks for the help with the canter departs and Tara for your patience with getting the engine going and both with the head set. Wow, you all did a lot.
~Marlene Siepe

Tara- You really helped me with "Badger". He has not nipped, attempted to bite, or gotten in my space since you left. I am going to ride him on a trail ride this coming week and see how it goes. Having someone show me is a lot easier for me to understand. When you come back I want an hour riding lesson on the exercises.
~Patti Mathes

Tara honestly would be ideal for the job of just getting the horse ridden, getting it "out there" showing it all the scary things. She is a beautiful rider, can ride anything at all, as their specialty is fixing problem horses, however watching her today and the beautiful head position, light contact, elevated and elegant trot she looked like the world's best dressage rider as well! And by that I mean correct...Light contact and just in front of the vertical which is so rare and hard for us judges to find. I would really recommend you either drive up here, or get her down to your place to watch her work. I have seen them work "behind the scenes" and they really are very professional.
~Colleen Kelly, Biomechanics Coach and International Dressage Judge

Tara-I just wanted to thank you for the great work you have done with my two horses. I had a great time riding them today and have enjoyed seeing progress each time I visit. Tara is an awesome rider and teacher!
~-Amy Hall